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I am working to unionize religion, spirituality, radical politics, and entertainment to create a folkloric, hyper-explicit, semiotic language of new expression. Marrying the God-fearing with the Internet Atheist, and letting them honeymoon at a puppy mill. Inviting folklore and darkness to your life by accumulating deep-web mystery boxes. Replenishing faith and spirit by Joining the nearest Mega Church. Singing the national anthem while merging Eastern Orthodox with Happy Science. I strive to use semantics to attach the sinners to the saved and piece together the political and religious hegemony that work to divide. I am studying cultural phenomenon, and the monument, whilst debating the separation of church and state. I am searching for reverence in the irreverent and devoting myself to falsely inferior lifestyles. I am inbreeding hegemony and impotence. I am a Minnesotan pre-teen laughing, then crying, then laughing again through this self-per-scribed Vision Quest to give reverence to American Mythologies and Cultural Phenomenon as a whole.


World Famous Babylon. Barbican Arts Group Trust. London. 2022. Group Show.

Central Saint Martins, Fine Art Degree Show. 2022. 


The Onion. Crypt Gallery. London. 2022. Group Show.

L’America. Tate Exchange. Tate Modern. 2020. Collaboration with Lucia Farrow.

Central Saint Martins Foundation Show. Lethaby Gallery. London. 2019. Group show.


Central Saint Martins Fine Art Foundation Show. LUX Moving Image. London. 2019. Group show.

WatWei, Talking Point AR Exhibition at Lethaby Gallery. London. 2018. Group Show.


Central Saint Martins. Fine Art. London. 2019-2022. BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class Honors.

Central Saint Martins, Foundation. London. 2018-2019. Foundation Diploma, Distinction.

Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. Saint Paul, Minnesota. 2014-2018. High School Diploma.

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