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"Jake hasapopoulos bathes in the absurd as he explores myth-making, religion, ceremony, conspiracy and trauma. He utilizes psychometry, the paranormal belief that an object can house and communicate it’s own histories, to create vessels of cultural entropy. The works act as monuments towards the forgotten, lost and bizarre nuances of American culture.


He employs semiotics and their inherent social implications as building blocks of language to create stories of being. Similar to William S. Burroughs “cut up” technique, he creates symbolic assemblages that mutate and alter conventional meaning."


Breaking News. V.O. Curations, Angel. 2022. Group Show.

World Famous Babylon. Barbican Arts Group Trust. London. 2022. Group Show.

Central Saint Martins, Fine Art Degree Show. 2022. 


The Onion. Crypt Gallery. London. 2022. Group Show.

L’America. Tate Exchange. Tate Modern. 2020. Collaboration with Lucia Farrow.

Central Saint Martins Foundation Show. Lethaby Gallery. London. 2019. Group show.


Central Saint Martins Fine Art Foundation Show. LUX Moving Image. London. 2019. Group show.

WatWei, Talking Point AR Exhibition at Lethaby Gallery. London. 2018. Group Show.


Central Saint Martins. Fine Art. London. 2019-2022. BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class Honors.

Central Saint Martins, Foundation. London. 2018-2019. Foundation Diploma, Distinction.

Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. Saint Paul, Minnesota. 2014-2018. High School Diploma.

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